The Landed Estates of County Roscommon by Paul Connolly

The Landed Estates of County Roscommon by Paul Connolly

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Paul Connolly is originally from Mount Talbot in Country Roscommon. He completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Cork in 2002 and worked in the private sector for a number of years after graduation. He later moved to the public sector and currently works with a Local Authority. He has always had a keen interest in history, particularly the history of his local area and his county. He completed a Diploma in Archaeology in the National University of Ireland, Galway, in 2006 and concentrated on monuments within County Roscommon for his final year paper.ta

The book contains 13 chapters, with the first 12 chapters examining one estate in each chapter. These estates were chosen, above others of similar size, simple because of the information and photos that were available to me during the research phase of the book. The finial chapter contains one photo and basic information on some of the other estates within the county, outside of the large estates mentioned above, most of these are small to medium sized estates. It is impossible to include every estate that existed in County Roscommon but there is a good selection included in the book, covering all parts of the county.

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