Irish Dancing Brooch

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Silver Plate Celtic brooch with coloured enamel faceted stones.

Legend: 16th century legend tells of Richard Joyce Claddagh Co Galway, who was captured by Moor pirates and enslaved. In captivity he became a master of his trade (Goldsmith). His skilful hands shaped a unique ring for the woman he could never forget at home. After 8 years he was released. He returned to Ireland and to his great joy her heart still remained his, never to be separated again. The Claddagh ring is a great traditional wedding ring, known the world over.  Today it is commonly excepted that the joining of hands, heart and crown represent a perpetual of friendship, love and loyalty.  Wearing a Claddagh ring with heart pointing out signifies the heart is unattached, if the heart is facing towards the wearers own heart the heart is taken.