Celtic Moods Celtic Orchestra Musical Reflections of Ireland

Celtic Moods Celtic Orchestra Musical Reflections of Ireland

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To the Celt, music was always a kind of magic. Ancient legends tell of queens who lost their hearts to roving bards, of whole kingdoms held in thrill by witcheries carved out of air, wood, catgut, and goatskin.

It is a magic that is part of the very warp and weft of every Celi's soul; to move, by the elemental power of music.

From the land of time enough, where still, as in W.B Yeat's time - peace comes dropping slow, this collection of musical impressions will move something in you, you did't know existed.

This is music that celebrates the mysteries of joy, and of sadness. It is mountains in the mist, Castles by light - silvered waters. A distant Edan, dimly remembered.

The composers and musicians featured in this collection are worthy successors to the ancient Celtic bards. They are true keepers of the magic.


  1. Easy and Slow
  2. Teddy O'Neill
  3. The Rose of Tralee
  4. She Moved Through The Fair
  5. Garan Mother's Lullaby
  6. The Mountains of Mourne
  7. Avondale
  8. The Fields of Athenry
  9. Inisheer
  10. The Coolin
  11. The Derry Air/Danny Boy
  12. Raglan Road
  13. Mná na hÉireann
  14. Pat Murphy's Meadow
  15. The Winter's End