Rachel Dubber

Rachel is 

a Contemporary Irish Artist from Galway, born with a passion for animals and nature deeply imbedded in my heart and soul. This love was intensified by my upbringing in the heart of Connemara in the West of Ireland, which serves as a constant source of inspiration for my pieces. 

A working background with animals provides me with a detailed physical and anatomical understanding of my subjects, an Honours Degree in Fine Art provides me with artistic foundation to the express the personality, movement and spirit of each subject.

My artworks are reflections of love, empathy, and respect, it is about the animals I portray; how their lives here affect us so profoundly and without whom we would not have accomplished so much in history.  I see my work as a tribute to them and a reminder for us, to reflect on where would we be without them.

To that end a portion of my sale profit from the gift range is donated to the care of the animals that are featured.

This respect extends to my commitment to the environment. The world is full enough of stuff. Each piece I create is designed to bring joy. The intention is that each piece is a practical treasure designed to be loved and used in the everyday. They are sustainable, recyclable and reusable.
These products are designed to be kind, to you, to the environment and to the animals featured in them. 

My art is created to inspire memories and bring joy to the people who love animals.