Trashie Treasures by Lorraine

Lorraine is the talent behind Trashie Treasures  which was originally born from a gift idea to a friend. Lorraine wanted to create something special for them to carry a little piece of “home” with them on their travels to South America. 

All items are created using beach trash/Ocean plastic waste and a variety of natural finds such as seaweed, shells & sea glass. These are lovingly cleaned, dried, stored & labelled with the location they were found. This means I can create items from a certain place so you can wear or gift a guaranteed small bit of a favourite spot. 

Sustainability was high on the priority list for our products. Jewellery is made from bio-resin which is plant-based and can biodegrade, unlike standard resins which are petroleum-based. All packaging and shipping materials are made from recycled card & paper which are 100% recyclable, making everything as eco-conscious as possible.

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