Absent Friend by John Mackenna

Absent Friend by John Mackenna

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Absent Friend is a meditation on a thirty year friendship between Leonard Cohen and Irish writer John MacKenna. Through their letters, emails and MacKenna's exploration of his favourite Leonard Chen songs, the book builds a picture of a comradeship that culminated in their creating between Your Love and Mine, a requiem Mass for theatre, in the months before Leonard's death.

This modest book is of great importance to anyone wishing to understand the unique artistry of Leonard Cohen. Few journalists or writers enjoyed Leonard's respect and trust as much as did John MacKenna. That trust is on full display in this book, especially in John's report on Leonard's open discussion of some of his most important songs. Revelations are offered, not available anywhere else, and Leonard would be pleased with John's efforts. by Robert Kery 'Manager of Leonard Cohen'

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