Ballintober Old Graveyard and The Grave Memorials of Co Roscommon by Mary B. Timoney

Ballintober Old Graveyard and The Grave Memorials of Co Roscommon by Mary B. Timoney

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This research began in 2012 with the study of the grave memorials of the late 17th century to the 1860s in Ballintober Old, Co. Roscommon. The richness of memorial work here is indication of the importance of Ballintober and the O'Conor family.

A catalogue of these memorials,including the full inscription, photo and references to those commemorated, is given. The Ballintober memorials were compared with not just those in the graveyards of surrounding parishes but with those in other Roscommon graveyards. This traces the pattern of distribution of particular designs, an invaluable resource for the movement of stone workers which could

identify the builders of many of Roscommon large and medium-sized houses and other structures.

Memorial design was not confined by county boundaries. one set of memorial designs is traced to east Galway, while another is recognised as having its source in Co Kilkenny. Many of those in Athlone town were strongly influenced by Roscommon work. The work of  over a hundred stone carves is analysed here for the first time, over seventy of them identified by signature or initials. 

This work is in reflection of the wealth and status, and also a proclamation of the peoples Catholicism, even in the time of the Penal Laws. The Madden stone carving family's work, though not found in Ballintober but only in the south of the county, is so significant that it is included in a chapter of its own.

Richly illustrated this book is a valuable resource not just for the people of Roscommon but a template for memorial study in other counties.

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