Bamboo Safety Razer

Bamboo Safety Razer

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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Razor

The Razor, is a closed-comb safety razor made of bamboo and zinc alloy. This will be your tool for your shaving ritual and will perfectly match the Douglas Fir Collection. It's designed to use with stainless steel double edge razor blades (x5 are included for free). Depending on your beard hair's softness you will be able to do approximately 3 shavings per blade.

Closed-Comb Safety Razor to Shave Safely

The closed-comb version is designed to have a straight bar for the blade guard. It's the best choice for beginners and will provide an excellent shaving experience. The weight of the razor (125g - 4.4oz) will allow you to shave without the necessity to press the blade on your skin.