Battle of Connacht 1270 by Noel MacLochlainn

Battle of Connacht 1270 by Noel MacLochlainn

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Seldom has a victory been so successfully erased from the history books as the Irish victory over the Norman's at the battle of Ath An Chip in August 1270.

Exactly one hundred years after conquering, and settling, most of Ireland, Norman's gathered to crush the defiant Gaels of Connacht. A massive army of knights and foot-soldiers, led by no less than the Justicar of Ireland, marched north through County Roscommon, over the river Shannon, to south Leitrim. After days of skirmishes and drama, the Gaelic Champion Aedh O'Conchobar launched a surprise attack, the Irish wiping out the invaders at Ath An Chip.

In this story, the iconic battle of Connacht, and heroic leadership of both Aedh O'Conchobar and Turlough O'Brian is revealed for the first time.

Pages: 52

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