Black Friday 13 by John Mulligan

Black Friday 13 by John Mulligan

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A new pandemic, an idiot in the White House and a tyrant in the Kremlin, a vaccine in the water turning white people black, and way too many spies for one small Irish town.

It’s 2030, and a new pandemic is sweeping America, but the black population seems to have a natural immunity to the virus. Slow-witted President Donald Daniels orders his team to urgently find a new vaccine, one that can be secretly added to the water supply to overcome a growing anti-vax sentiment.

In Boyle, in the West of Ireland, a small laboratory develops a vaccine but one of their scientists has concerns about its remote potential to turn white-skinned people black.

The concerns are ignored in the rush to get to market. As the world turns black, Russian and American spies converge on Boyle to try to get their hands on the formula for an antidote, but the canny locals aren’t easily fooled. Russian President Zhadnyy has stopped making public appearances, and Daniels wonders at the effect on property prices now that everybody could be living in a black neighbourhood.