Boyle Through The Decades - A Historical Walking Trail

Boyle Through The Decades - A Historical Walking Trail

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This book has been compiled by Eilish Canty & Anna Robertson of Úna Bhán Tourism.


Reminisce about days gone by and cast your mind back to an ancient time when Gaelic Chieftains ruled Boyle. Immerse yourself in stories that have been passed down from generation to generation; from the legendary story of Úna Bhán. Boyle's very own princess to significant historic moments such as Boyle's role in Ireland's fight for independence.

history is alive as one walks through the streets of Boyle and the town's rich heritage is evident at every turn. A passer-by cannot help but be intrigued by the magnificent remains of Boyle Abbey and the impressive stone wall enclosing the 16th century mansion that is King house.

How Boyle got its name is a direct nod to the town's history and to its time as a monastic settlement. The Irish name for Boyle is 'Mainistir na Buille',which translates to the 'Monastery of the Boyle River'. There is also a second story of its origin which references a magical creature.  Legend has it that the town is named after a beautiful 'Maighdean Abhan' or Mermaid who inhabited the river.


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