Centenary in Reflection

Centenary in Reflection - SiarScéal Anthology

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Historical, Cultural and Social Anthology inspired by the momentum events from the past hundred years to the present day, through poetry, story and prose.

Centenary in Reflection 2016 Anthology is a momentous snapshot of global and local history and culture; a space created to review times past, voiced by writers and students locally and internationally.

Provocative words on two world wars, immigration and reminiscences about 'how we once lived' are contained within in these pages. The story of how, as a nation re-birthed through the 1916 rebellion, it is that event the fundamental truths proclaimed in the Proclamation of the Republic that haunts the psyche of our imagination, informing our views about the needs of the present as we rise to the challenges that lie ahead.

'The Irish republic is entitled to and hereby claims the allegiance of Irishman and. The Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens.'

Let the story begin.

SiarScéal is an annual festival that celebrates the history and culture of the Roscommon environs, through all art forms and media and with the participation of communities and school. The Festival also hosts international Hanna Greally Literary Awards.

Pages: 118

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