Death and the Irish: a miscellany

Death and the Irish: a miscellany

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This is a collection that will both entertain ad inform. Made up of 75 short pieces, the book deepens our understanding of death and its rituals inn Irish history. In doing so, it has much to say about how we live and indeed about life itself.

Among the topics treated in this anthology are the following: the Galway girl who was buried with her horse inn the fifth or sixth century; the account of the curious death of a little-known Irish saint inn medieval Norway; the Black Death in Kilkenny: death and sexual transgression in medieval Ireland; grisly deaths from the Irish annals; the funerary monuments of clerical wives in early modern Ireland; the forgotten Connacht massacre of 1647; a seventeenth -century Belfast ghost story: an Irish story of cannibalism on the high seas: the records of an Offaly corner during the Great Famine: the Derry ghost who imparted information on the missing Franklin expedition to the Artic in 1849  and so much more.

Pages: 289

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