Deliciously Irish by Nuala Cullen

Deliciously Irish by Nuala Cullen

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Deliciously Irish takes a new look at traditional Irish fare prompted by the seasons. In each of the book's four sections are delicious recipes offering ideas for the ingredients most readily available at particular times of the year. Fish and seafood feature largely, with fresh vegetables and fruit, and delicious ideas for desserts and cakes.

Ireland's rich culinary heritage is being rediscovered and the country is fast becoming one of Europe's most exciting food destinations. Irish food has always been thought of as rustic and filling - the kind of stuff to get you through a cold winter - but you will now find a new strand of cooking still based on Ireland's rural heritage but with a modern twist. A new wave of artisanal producers is bringing a superlative range of high-quality raw ingredients to a wider market, from the freshest wild salmon and oysters to award-winning marsh-fed lamb, farmhouse cheeses and black pudding, and delis and department stores around the world are now stocking many of these high-quality ingredients for the first time.

Written by accomplished Irish food writer Nuala Cullen, Deliciously Irish takes a new look at traditional Irish fare. Fish and seafood feature largely, as do fresh vegetables and fruit, with delicious suggestions for desserts and cakes. More than a fabulous cookbook Deliciously Irish, is also a photographic record of the landscapes of Ireland, highlighting especially her wild west coast.

Come wind, rain, sun, or snow, it is clear from these images that Ireland is one of the most unspoilt countries in Europe. Deliciously Irish presents a taste of its finest food and an equally evocative selection of its beautiful landscape.

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