Fiona's Lace by Patricia Polacco

Fiona's Lace by Patricia Polacco

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An Irish family stays together with the help of Fiona's talent for making one of a kind lace in this heart warming emigration story.

Many years ago times were hard in all of Ireland, so when passage to America comes available Fiona and her family travel to Chicago.  They find work in domestic service to pay back their passage, and at night Fiona turns tangles of thread, into fine glorious lace.

Then when the family is separated, it is the lace that Fiona's family do follow to find her and her sister and bring the family back together. It is the lace that always provides Fiona with memories of Ireland and her mothers words " In your heart your true home resides, and it will always be with you as long as you remember those you love".

Pages: 48

Dimensions: H 286 mm, W 247 mm, D 7 mm.