Great Characters: Stories of Wit & Laughter by Barry Feely

Great Characters: Stories of Wit & Laughter by Barry Feely

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“Great Characters – Stories of Wit & Laughter” captures a fast-disappearing rural Ireland with stories, many illustrated by photographs, cartoons and sketches. Each character is described with great warmth so that it is obvious Barry knew many of the characters personally. With a free CD, the stories warrant a chuckle from the reader/listener. Barry has been collecting and telling stories for over 40 years. In this book, the stories and characters are preserved for posterity and tell mostly of an era gone by.

Great Characters is a Boyle production from conception through to the printed product. A strong feature in the book are cartoon sketches by Paul Young, the oscar-nominated filmmaker, originally from Boyle and now in Kilkenny, the base of his successful film company Cartoon Saloon. Barry recognised Paul’s talents at an early age and commissioned a number of sketches of his characters when Paul was just in secondary school in the ’80s. The book was designed by Boyle-based graphic designer Paul Cunningham of Pure Designs and printed by Ray Latimer at the Printworks.

About the Author: Barry Feely was born in Boyle, Co Roscommon in 1940 and became the ninth generation of stonecutters in his family. He started work in the stone yard in 1955 and together with his brother Pat, went on to build the company to be a nationwide organisation that employs 120 people. He is now retired from his direct involvement in the family business, which has continued into the 10th generation but he has returned to his roots as a craftsman and helps with the company’s altar restoration work.

Pages: 118

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