Harp Brooch

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Silver Plate Brooch in a Harp Design.

Legend: Based on the ancient lyre, the Irish Harp is one of the worlds oldest instruments. The Harp motif commemorates the rich legacy of the bardic tradition. For a thousand years in his multifaceted role s a poet and story teller, teacher ad historian guardian of the law and of the sacred ritual, the bard was revered throughout Celtic society as a man of wisdom.  The ancient Irish kings employed Harpists to entertain them. At one point in Irish history conquering invaders made it illegal to posses an harp and set out to burn every harp in Ireland inn an attempt to kill the "Irish Spirit". Successors of the Bards  wandering poets and story tellers played a unique role in nurturing and preserving our Celtic identity. Today it is greatly honoured and the Harp is national emblem of Ireland.