Killer History by Clive Gifford

Killer History by Clive Gifford

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Take a trip through the past to uncover the most wicked and gruesome ways people died. By traveling to every corner of the globe and all the way back to ancient times, this book leaves no tombstone unturned. You'll get a glimpse of the most dreadful methods, craziest causes and unbelievably fascinating facts surrounding death.

  • Being buried alive used to be so common that people were buried with strings attached to bells so they could ring when they woke up in their coffin.
  • The guillotine was used for almost 200 years in France. It was the cutting edge of death technology when it was invented in 1792 and stayed in style until 1977.
  • The ancient Egyptians didn't mummify and bury their dead alone. Oh, no. They also entombed cats, dogs, hippos, crocodiles, and even beetles with their dearly departed.

Find out more about these and all sorts of icky things from history's crypt - if you dare!

Pages: 143

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