Leitrim Folk Tales by Susie Minto

Leitrim Folk Tales by Susie Minto

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Do you know where the 'twice-richest mountain in Ireland' is? Or what mysterious creature is said to lurk in the waters of Glenade Lake? Or why you should never cheer on a fairy footballer? Discover the answers to these and more in this collection of tales from across the county.

Leitrim is the place where, legend has it, Cormac Riabhac, The Irish 'Samson', performed his amazing feats of strength; where Fionn Mac Cumhaill, great warrior of the Fianna, is said to lie buried; and where the wrongful execution of Jack Bircall led to a miraculous cure. It is also said to be the home of a plethora of strange and magical creatures and stories abound of encounters fairies, mermen, enchanted cows and even supernatural salmon.

These stories, beautifully illustrated by Tracey Jean Yappa, bring to life the county's varied landscape, from its lofty mountains to its bogs and loughs, and along the mighty Shannon River, whose twisting path was said to have been carved out by the antics of the giant serpent, the 'Great Ollphéist'.

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