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Made in Ireland by Cyril Cullen

Irish International Designer, Cyril Cullen achieved his secret ambition when he produced his first Fine Porcelains in 1980, since then he has developed a unique collection of figurines, ornaments, vases and miniatures. Handmade by Cyril Cullen Porcelains are created by high,y skilled craftspeople. First, a clay model is handmade, this is followed by handmade moulds, hand casting, hand assembly (sometimes more than 15 different parts for a single piece), drying, firing at 1,300 Degrees Celsius, handmade glazing and hand decorating (painting). Designs in relief are hand waxed to achieve the distinctive Parian / Porcelain effect. Artistry, skill and strict quality control ensure that these delightful treasures handmade in Ireland are valuable collectors items.