Light Reading for Short Journeys by Patrick J. Power

Light Reading for Short Journeys by Patrick J. Power

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Light reading for short journeys contains over 50 stories from Patrick j. Power's life including:

Memories of the Shannon

Requiem for a Ford Prefect

At The Post for the Derby

Writing the Short Story

Memories of Dublin Pubs


(An extract from Memories of the Shannon in Light Reading for Short Journeys)"My first glimpse of the Shannon was on a mid-winter morning with frost on the fields. I could scarcely believe my eyes, this huge river on my doorstep, a vast playground promising adventure and excitement. I raced down the towpath to the lock gates, clambered on the weir, watched the water tumble through the slices on to the stones below. All this was mine."

About the Author:

Patrick J. Power was born in Ballyfarnon, Co. Roscommon in 1929. The articles and stories in this volume were first published in various magazines and newspapers between 1975 ad 2000. His volume of short stories, "The End of The Honeyflow" was published by Maywood Books in 1994, having been previously broadcast on RTE radio. Other works include '5 Radio Plays' which were broadcast o RTE ad BBC Radio between 1984 and 1999. His autobiography 'Tur up the light' is available on

Pages: 285