Love you Ma by Maureen Harkins

Love you Ma by Maureen Harkins

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This multi-layered collection of short stories takes the reader on a whirlwind tour of the complexities of human relationships. The book is a cocktail of love and loss: 20 disparate stories of growing up and growing old- some poignant, some hop-filled.

The diverse settings range from the writer's beloved Sligo to the fictional town of Hartesbridge via Dublin, Boston, Capri, and to London with her award-winning 'John and Eddie'.

From the title story of the young lad who grows up choosing friends from the wrong side of the tack, to the priest whose life is in turmail; from the feisty old women who has a profound influence on a young girl's career tot he tormented husband struggling with his delusional wife, this collection of engaging tales will unfold around you, and hopefully bring a giggle-even a tear or two.

The poems are a bonus!


Dimensions: H 212 mm, W 150 mm, D 14 mm.