Mná Na Búille (Women of Boyle)

Mná Na Búille (Women of Boyle)

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This book is filled with the memories and stories of twenty women. A celebration of the culture and creativity; their stories reflect growing up in the local community since the 1920's; going to school, the chores they had to do, how they socialised, met their partners and how their lives led them marriage and rearing families.

These stories may have been lost if not recorded and passed to future generations reflecting these ladies' strength and endurance during different times.

Úna Bhán Tourism 'Mná Na Búille' is supported by the Creative Ireland Programme, an all of Government five year initiative, from 2017 - 2022, which places creativity at the centre of public policy.

Pages: 54

Dimensions: W 210mm, H 149mm, D 5mm