Parallel Encounters by Connor H. Regan

Parallel Encounters by Connor H. Regan

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“He watched in horror as Ebony took the full force of the explosion. She was gone, and he couldn’t save her…”

Meet The Thrilling Two… And A Half: Matt - The socially-anxious and quick-witted nerd, Ebony - The quirky and intelligent scientist-in-training, and Sid - The food-obsessed yet surprisingly smart blue macaw.

Matt and his cousin Ebony have been close friends for years. They (along with the ever-curious parrot Sid) have faced countless dangers together and always come out on top. But when the unthinkable happens, it throws Matt’s entire world off balance.

‘I hope this never ends…’ it had been naive to think that. Everything, good or bad, always ends.

When offered a way to fix all that went wrong, he has to make a choice: either keep living under the shadow of guilt or risk everything on a perilous journey between the very fabric of reality.

You might be subjected to incomprehensible cosmic forces; your mind slowly losing it’s grip on reality, your body being torn apart by G-forces worse than anything you’ve ever felt.”

The odds are overwhelming, the chances of success: minuscule. But are the rewards worth it?

Looking around, Matt began to feel uneasy; if this room failed or if any machinery malfunctioned, then that would be it. No second chances, only the cold, dark embrace of death.

If you had the chance to undo your biggest regret… would you take it?


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