Rathcroghan The Guidebook by  Daniel Curly & Mike McCarthy

Rathcroghan The Guidebook by Daniel Curly & Mike McCarthy

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This guidebook contains entries on every aspect of Rathcroghan, from its archaeological and historical landscapes, through to its literary and mythological associations. This publication is the quintessential user's guide to this fascinating archaeological landscape. Drawing upon historical, literary and cutting-edge archaeological research, Rathcroghan: Th guidebook is designed to bring the reader on a journey through time at Rathcroghan, from the first settlers to this broad limestone plain in the Neolithic period, through to the political mechanics of late medieval Machaire Connacht.

Thereafter, you will be taken on a journey of a different kind. You will see how our ancestors wove a tapestry of literature on top of this canvas of Rathcroghan  connecting physical landmarks and ancestor burials with the intoxicating narrative of Queen Mebd of Connacht and the Ulster Cycle of Tales, filled with was and strife, jealousy and intrigue gods and mere mortals

Pages: 192

Dimensions: H 231 mm, W 170 mm, D 12 mm.