Rockingham: Memories of a Vanished Mansion

Rockingham: Memories of a Vanished Mansion

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"On the night of September 10th 1957, the magnificent mansion Rockingham House was destroyed by fire. It took many hours for the fire services to control the blaze but by that stage, the house had been entirely ruined and all that remained of this once great mansion were exterior walls. That fateful night ended the King Family connections with this area as one of Ireland's largest land owning families....": an extract from the opening of this magnificently detailed book.



This nicely produced book takes you back to a time of grandeur and large county estate life. Allow yourself to be taken back to times forgotten, with beautiful photographs of the main staircase, detailed original plans for this magnificent building and ornate articles describing the life of the Family that called Rockingham house home.



The King family helped to sculpture the town of Boyle into the vibrant and bustling market town you see today. Whether you grew up in Boyle or paid a visit to this domineering Georgian mansion, this interesting book is a must buy.



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