Personalised Letter from Santa

Personalised Letter from Santa

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Who doesn't love the magic of Christmas? Imagine getting a personalised letter sent to you directly from Santa Claus, now wouldn't that just be magic! 

Santa Claus Letters are fully customised to each child and cost only €5 per individually posted letter.
Please click quantity for more than one child and then each child will receive their own letter.  A family letter is available if you want to include all children into the one letter. 

Your order includes:

* Typed & Printed fully personalised letter with hand written Santa signature

* Letters filled with magic dust & sparkles

* Hand written envelope, posted directly to your home

Please send extra information (that only Santa could know) to

* Childs full name & address (include postcode - needed for posting)

* Childs age, class in school, teachers name / school or playschool

* Pets name if you have one

* Parents names or grandparents names

* Any achievements

* siblings and friends

 The above is just some ideas for you to include to make the letter more special, if there is anything else you would like to include please do.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline date to receive letters is Noon on Tuesday 14th DECEMBER 2021, Letters will be sent out thereafter.