The Burning of Knockcroghery by Annmarie Murry

The Burning of Knockcroghery by Annmarie Murry

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Helpless screams of panic ring through the street - Knockcroghery is on fire! The people are forced to watch their homes go up in flames and there is nothing they can do. Houses are destroyed and the village's long-standing clay pipe industry comes to an abrupt end. The Black and Tans have unleashed terror on Knockcroghery, Leaving dozens of families homeless and unemployed.

This book offers a glimpse into Knockcroghery in the 1920's, capturing scenes at the train station, the clay pipe factory, the Crofton estate at Mote Park and Hangman's Hill.

Illustrated and written by Annmarie Murray.

Style: Paperback

Pages: 60

Dimensions: H 209 mm x 147 mm x 4 mm