The Cold Case Files by  Barry Cumminns

The Cold Case Files by Barry Cumminns

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The cold case files is the latest behind the scenes book from one of Ireland's most respected crime journalists, Barry Cummins explores the new investigations into some of Ireland's oldest and most shocking unsolved murders. With forensic detail, Cummins charts the last five decades of unsolved killings, including:

Unsolved: the 1981 fatal shooting of Lorcan O'Byrne, who was targeted by robbers on the night he was celebrating his engagement.

Unsolved: the murder of Grace Livingstone, who was found shot dead in her Malahide home 1991

Unsolved: the abduction and suspected murder of Brooke Pickard, who was last seen in Co Kerry in 1991

Cummins also charts the re-investigation into the first case to be solved by the cold case unit: the killing and secret burial of Brian McGarth in Westmeath in 1987.

The cold case files will leave you shocked that so many of Ireland's evil killers have not been caught. But by outlining the on-going work of Ireland's cold case detectives, this book will also give you hope that these killers will never be allowed rest easy, and that one day justice will come knocking on their door.

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