The Holy Wells of Ireland by Patrick Logan

The Holy Wells of Ireland by Patrick Logan

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Holy wells have been a feature of the religion of the Irish people for longer than records have existed, and while pilgrimages to them are not as common as in the last centuries, many wells are still visited, particularly on the Saints’ or ‘Pattern’ Days, and even now new wells occasionally appear.

In this survey Dr Patrick Logan, author of The Old Gods , Irish Country Cures and Fair The Story of Irish Fairs and Markets , describes many of those wells that are still visited, detailing the features of the pilgrimage and the benefits obtained, together with the legends attached to the wells, the saints they are dedicated to and their Pattern Days, the sites, trees and stones associated with them, and fish that some of them have; he also gives information about the holy islands that have wells.

This collection does not attempt to describe every holy well in Ireland - an impossible task with so many-but Dr. Logan has gathered together a collection of the most representative and interesting ones tat visitors, pilgrims, and historians, as well as the local people will find it fascinating to read about. It is illustrated by Jim O'Callaghan.

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