The Magic of Riverdance Lord of the Dance and Traditional Irish Céili Music

The Magic of Riverdance Lord of the Dance and Traditional Irish Céili Music

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This vibrant 2CD collection features a rich mix of Irish Traditional Céili and contemporary dance classics. It brings together many of Ireland's finest musicians on one outstanding album.

Disc 1 Tracks:

  1. Hennessy's Arcady
  2. The Lord of the Dance The Celtic Orchestra
  3. McMahon's Reels The Bridge Céili Band
  4. The Rare Old Mountain Dew Dublinia
  5. King of The Fairies Seamus Brett
  6. Swing Round to the Jigs The Kilfenora Céili Band
  7. Shaskeen/Drunken Piper/Rolling on the Grass Dermot O'Brien
  8. The Boys of Blue Hill/ The stack of Barley Arcady
  9. Merrily Kissed the Quaker The Buskers
  10. Dicey Reilly Dublinia
  11. Britches full of stitches/ The Hollow Rock Waltz fair Isle Folk
  12. Riverdance The Celtic Orchestra

Disc 2 Tracks:

  1. Jimmy Wards The Ragus Players
  2. Stolen Kiss ( from Lord of the Dance) The Celtic Orchestra
  3. Barn Dances Arcady
  4. Cuaichín Gleann Neifin The Celtic Orchestra
  5. Báidín Fheilimí Seamus Brett
  6. Queenstown Reels Púca
  7. A Selection of Polkas The Dublin City Ramblers
  8. Lift The Wings ( from Riverdance) The Celtic Orchestra
  9. Jigs: O'Briens/The King of the Clan/ The Luck Penny/ The Rumours of Ennistymon The Brendan Mulhaire Céili Band
  10. Trippin' Up The Stairs The Jollybeggarmen
  11. Blackberry Blossom/Branohm/Silver Spear/Musical Priest/ Flower of Red Hill The Ragus Players
  12. Micho Russell's Seamus Brett